Thursday, December 6th

7 Dec


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EGRA 210 at 10:00-12:00 on MONDAY

You can bring your Mercury Readers and one page of prepared material

Email me to meet if you want me to look over your outlines

Things to take care of before the final:

Upload your unit 5 reflection paper to the D2L dropbox

You MUST bring electronic copies of your papers in a flash drive or on a CD on Monday in order to take the final!


You need to submit your SECOND DRAFTS of Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3, Unit 4 (the ones that you uploaded into the dropbox every unit. Most of you did your edits for the portfolio in the same doc. That’s okay; you can download the old copy from the dropbox easily.)

For the second drafts you need to change the file type to a pdf or rtf file. And you need to change the file name to your first initial, last name, dash, Unit #

Example: EFoster-Unit1

You also need to submit your unit 5 and revised drafts , the three you included in your portfolio (even if you did not revise them)

For these polished drafts you need to change the file type to pdf or rtf. And you need to change the file name to your first initial,last name,U#P

Example: EFosterU5P

This means you should be including 8 files all together on your flash drive. PLEASE PUT ALL OF YOUR FILES INTO A FOLDER ON YOUR FLASH DRIVE

Example of how all of your files should look:









YOU MUST DO THIS AND FORMAT IT CORRECTLY TO TAKE THE FINAL EXAM. So, read these directions thoroughly several times.


Get rest Sunday night. Eat well. See you soon!


Tuesday, December 4th

5 Dec

You can do it guys!


On the docket:

Cover any left over questions for unit 5.

Go over the requirements for the final.

Read and take notes on the first essay you could choose for your final.

Review what a rhetorical analysis is and common pitfalls.


UNIT 5 DUE! This includes the reflective introduction and the revisions.

Reflective introduction should be 3 1/2 pages.

Remember you need a works cited page

Remember you need at least one quote

Choose 3 essays to include in your portfolio.

You need 3 separate pages for 3 revision plans. Your revision plans should be 1/3-1/2 of a page in length.

Remember on your revised copy, with a pen or highlighter, mark what changes were made directly on the draft so I can quickly review the changes.

On one side of your folder it should look like this:

1. Reflective introduction on the top

2. revision plan unit __

3. unit___

4. revision plan unit ____

5. unit ____

6. revision plan unit ____

7. unit ____

On the other side of your folder:

Your second drafts for the three units you included in your portfolio (meaning your final drafts you turned in for each unit earlier in the semester that I graded, marked up, and handed back).

Tuesday, November 29th

30 Nov

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On the docket:

Return unit 4

Independent work on your portfolio.



Bring your Mercury Readers on Tuesday

Your Unit 5 is due on the last day of class, NEXT THURSDAY. WORK ON IT THIS WEEKEND

I’ll be free to look over your revisions by appointment next week.


Tuesday, November 27th

27 Nov


On the docket:

Introduce unit 5:

Explain how to craft a reflective introduction

Explain how to put together a revised portfolio.



Bring your Unit 4 folders

Submit an electronic copy in the Desire2learn Dropbox

Bring your unit 1 and unit 2 materials to work on for Thursday

Tuesday, November 20th

27 Nov

Peer review

Thursday, November 15th

15 Nov

And I’m like:

On the docket:

We will grade past students’ Unit 4 essays. Specific emphasis will be given to what the differences between a literature review and a research paper are.


Your rough draft is due next Tuesday. You must write the full five pages for full credit. Print TWO copies in preparation for peer review.

My compromise about next week:

I get that some of you are going to take the full week off for Thanksgiving break, meaning that you’re going to skip Tuesday. That is your choice. Here, I’m going to outline what that means for you and what I’m willing to budge on:

If you skip:

You will get the unexcused absence.

You will not get the grade that I give in class for reviewing your classmates’ paper.


I will set up place in the dropbox in Desire2Learn where you can turn in your rough draft electronically. This means that you would get one 0 in the gradebook, but not two. It must be submitted before class on Tuesday to count.

I will move the turn in date for the final paper to the 29th instead of the 27th (for everyone).

I will host a voluntary peer review sometime in the afternoon/evening of Tuesday the 27th for those of you who want to go home for the break but also legitimately want the feedback on your drafts from your peers. This will not earn you the in-class reviewing grade; it is merely for your own benefit. This can double as a help session for anyone in class that just wants to work on their paper in a group setting with me around to ask questions as you go.

Try to make it to class Tuesday if at all possible; it will be much more beneficial to you to space it out this way.

And if y’all get to enjoy your break, I’m giving myself more time to grade your unit 3 papers in return. Woot.

Tuesday, November 13th

13 Nov

Your daily dose of literature. I do love this:


On the docket:

mini conferences


Print out the two examples under ‘unit 4 docs and links.’